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Tuesday, January 19, 2010 

Tips For Men On Their First Date

by Match Maker

Dating tips is not something that you have to read in an article or go on a research, it is as simple as asking a friend for his experience and getting to know the real facts. It all varies from person to person and the dating partner. You can not rely on others and have no such guarantees for a successful dating. There are no basic rules for to impress your date.
So it is a tough time for you to reveal your true self and win the heart of your date at first sight. You must be spellbound, confused or bewildered by thinking all dos and don'ts. But don't worry all goes well if you are mentally and physically stable before your date.

Few things or tips can be taken care of before leaving for such tough assignments. If it is your first date then it requires a little more effort and if not then you must be aware of all the shortcomings or your failures during your first date. One must observe the following basic rules of a human behavior to impress his or her date.

* Vivid eye contact: Do keep a continuous and vivid eye contact while communicating your views to your date. This will show the confidence and truthfulness of your thoughts. Women always like true and confident partners and also the one who gives an undivided attention to her.

* Speak less, listen more: You should not blow your horns too much on the first day itself. In fact give your ears to her. You should patiently answer her queries and give her your opinion on debatable issues. Ask her about her interests and hobbies. You may match on some common platforms, which will boost your chances of a good date.

* Don't pretend, be yourself: Always be as simple as possible in all your conversations. Don't tell all your achievements in your job or workplace, as it may create boredom for her. Don't show off and respect all her views. For god sake don't take flowers on the first day itself as it shows that you frequently visit the flower shop for every girl you visit.

* Dress casual: The most important aspect is your looks don't be weary or look like a celebrity with all your branded formal clothes. Be as casual as you go out with your other friends. Select a good venue for dating, a good and comfortable public place. Look impressive and romantic rather than reserved.

* Compliment her: Woman love to receive good compliments and feel that they are loved and taken care off, so you must shower all your feelings and compliment upon her dressing, her looks and her attitude.

* Be punctual: Always maintain the time of the date. It shows your concern for meeting her and also discipline in your life. If you are late then do give her a call in your sweet voice and flatter her.

* Avoid false promises: Don't ever go for false promises of meeting her again when and where. Be specific for all your calls and the next date. No woman will ever like to be fooled or brushed off. Lastly don't be a miser in shedding your wallet for the bill of your date. Be as generous as you had never been before.